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What downfalls to avoid when selecting for EHR software

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Many hospitals have old EHRs and they want to replace them with new because the old EHRs are either outdated or does not support. According to a survey, one third of healthcare organizations are looking for EHRs to replace their existing ones.  The main reason for this change is that hospitals are not satisfied with their vendors and their EHR systems. Many practices and healthcare providers didn’t had any luck in finding the right EHR systems for their organizations.  Thus take time to select the right EHR system that will save you a lot in the long run. Some key features to consider while buying a new EHR system.Untitled-1

  1. Do not miss key features
    One of the main reasons why the practices are not satisfied with their systems is the lack of key features in the EHRs. That’s why experts recommend that practices should make a list of all necessary features they need so that the practices can do their selection process.
  2. Ease of use
    One of the main complaints from the physicians about the EHRs is that they are difficult to use or is too complex. The organizations or practices should review the software and view the demos before they can make their decision.
  3. Hardware compatible
    EHR systems require a lot of hardware resources and practices may come to know that the system they choose doesn’t work well with their infrastructure. So before the practices or physicians make a choice they need to make sure their system works with current hard ware or if a necessary upgrade is needed before it is implemented.
  4. Match to your organization needs
    As the EHR market grows more vendors are offering systems to different types of organizations. Organizations need to make sure they select the vendor that supplies the EHRs that meet their workflow requirements.
  5. Check vendor
    Make sure that the vendor who’s supplying you EHR software also offers support when there are problems with the system.   Vendors must also provide training to the users of the EHR system.



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