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EHR software helps doctors be Productive

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Keeping records without using any kind of healthcare technology can be a nightmare. Over the time records keep piling up and then they become unmanageable. Records either get lost or wear out with time and thus it is impossible to find them.PIC

Many medical practices now use Electronic Health Records (EHRs). These kinds of systems allow medical practices to file the patient records electronically and thus can access the information quickly and efficiently from the records.

There are 2 types of EHR Software available in the market that the providers and medical practices can choose from:

  1. Cloud based software solutions

These can be easily adopted. They do not require any kind of hardware installation. Providers just need an internet connection and they can access the information they require. Sometimes there are security concerns regarding it because it is used over the internet. Medical records are private and contain sensitive information regarding the patients, so they need to be kept as securely as possible.

  1. Custom built software solutions

Custom built EHR solutions give physicians what they exactly want. These are customized depending on the specialty of the physician. Physicians have full control over how the software works because they have better understanding of their workflows and know how their practice works. Custom built software needs time frame to be created.

When selecting EHR software, physicians should always evaluate the software by requesting a demo f the product. Physicians need to make a list of their practice requirements and they need to analyze which particular EHR software satisfies their needs and requirements. That way physician can make better decision regarding the EHRs.



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