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Benefits of Electronic Health Records for Patients

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The Electronic Health Records (EHR) System is a tool that allows physicians and clinicians to have access to patient information in real time. Using this electronic system patient can have access to their medical information in a secure and safe way. EHR system is an arena of health information shared with medical practices that reduces unwanted errors. The issue of lost patient files is also eliminated.


For individual patients access to good care gets easier and safe. Important information such as prescribed drugs, blood type, medical conditions and other areas of medical history can be accounted for more quickly. Having a fast access to the Electronic Health Records can be lifesaving in case of an emergency. Government has set up incentive system to in order to encourage providers to implement electronic health records and stick to the list of criteria to improve patient care and access.

Some of the Benefits of EHR systems

  • Improved accuracy legibility of records
  • Test results sent directly to patient’s medical charts
  • e-prescribing feature allows prescriptions to be sent directly to pharmacy
  • Information regarding allergies and drug reactions is displayed quickly
  • Information regarding discharged summaries, education and prescription information are written in simple terms and is given to the patient upon request.
  • Unnecessary repetition of medical history, insurance and medication information will no longer be needed.

As soon as the doctor orders a medication or diagnostic test or procedure the information is handled securely and is immediately available to patients. EHR protects the patient confidentiality and only those individuals have access to patient’s medical charts who must view it to provide care.

Thanks to the contributors of Electronic Health Records the quality of care and safety is improving and medical errors are being reduced. In the end it is the American patients who benefits most of all.



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