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The most ideal 4 Practice Management features

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The administrative side is one of the most important features of every practice. It ensures a practice has smooth cash flows, which are itself the lifeline for a medical business. However, tasks like coding and documentation take a lot of time and can lead to losses if not managed correctly.

The majority of practicing physicians spend more than 20% of their time performing administrative duties instead of patient care.

Let’s take a look at some of the most ideal practice management features.


Most of the providers are not sure if e-signatures are allowed for HIPAA and Meaningful Use. The good news is, both federal programs accept e-signatures on electronically transmitted documents. The most ideal Practice Management system will let you set up an electronic signature which will save you from the hassle of manually signing hundreds of claims and medical notes.

Automatic Insurance check

Imagine spending hours calling up payers to verify patient insurance eligibility. And if you staff spend a lot of time doing this, they might end up focusing on only the administrative side of the practice and will not focus on the patients who might be waiting in the office. The most ideal practice management solutions will automatically check patient insurance information as soon as you book an appointment.

Appointment reminders

Patient no-shows can be frustrating to no end. They mess up your entire schedule, and even hurt your practice’s profitability.

Most PM systems will call patients and leave a reminder about an upcoming appointment. But exemplary systems use email and text messaging to communicate reminders as well.

Patient portals

Finally, a patient portal can act as a great source of medical information for your patients. It allows them to find education materials, pay bills and even schedule appointments. This decreases the need for patients to call your practice.

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