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How to Get More Out of Your EHR Software?

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Many of us learn just enough to get done what we need to be done at the moment. But after some time when we continue using the software at same beginner’s level we can’t utilize everything out of the system that we paid for.

Do yourself and your practice staff a favor by using these 10 ways to make the most out of your EHR System.

  1. Update your procedures for the basic tasks and find out what shortcuts and tricks your staff has discovered that you might not know about. Collect knowledge regarding PM and EHR from all different sources distribute it. If you are a large group than individual knowledge about using the EHR Software will vary in your practice and you need to bring everyone on the same leveluse of ehr
  2. Visit the vendor’s websites regularly. As many of them keep adding online webinars and training videos. See if your employees can benefit from these resources.
  3. Make sure you are participating in online user groups for your software. Not all vendors have strong online user groups. Some of the users are independent of the massage and some attached to the vendor.
  4. Visit different medical groups using the same products and see how they are using them. Much can be gained by visiting the groups and benefitting from their experience.
  5. A sales person provides a large source of information after the sale is done but many practices don’t even see the sales person after the sale is done. After your sale invite the salesperson to meet you and visit the staff while watching them work. Your salesperson should be able to inform you with lots of required information, tricks and tips.
  6. Use software support for more than just asking problems. Ask if there is there a better way to do it, than the one you are using.
  7. Keep in touch with your IT trainer. Many companies do not allow the access to the trainer once you go live.
  8. Make friends with the trainer. Either they will have a small amount of information or a large amount of information with them.
  9. Join software list servers usually sponsored by your professional organization and don’t be afraid to ask questions or continue conversations online.
  10. Spend some money and visit a user’s conference if possible. If you are unable to do so then borrow the conference videos and watch them.



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