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Advantages of Implementing Pediatric EHR Software

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Physicians have been using electronic health record for many years, but most of the pediatricians have yet to adopt this technology. Among all the specialists, pediatricians are the one that can make the most out of pediatrician EHR Software.

pediatric EHR

Majority of the physicians believe that adopting an EHR is too much work and is not worth the effort. But what physicians not realize is that by using an EHR customized with pediatric specialty templates they can save time, see more patients and streamline routine checkups and exams. EHRs help doctors manage simple and complex treatment plans and help improve the quality of care they provide.

Furthermore physicians that make use of electronic prescribing for medication offer an added convenience for parents who are dealing with sick children. Parents are not required to drop off the prescription at the pharmacy and wait for it. Using the electronic prescription option physician can send the prescription electronically to pharmacy of choice from their exam room. So by the time the parent leaves the office and arrives at the pharmacy the medication will be ready.

There are various other benefits of using specialty specific EHR and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Wide range of growth tracking with printable growth charts
  • Customizable templates to speed up documentation
  • Immunization record tracking
  • Help regarding the calculation of dosage, boosters and due dates for various procedures.
  • Printable forms consisting of physical forms, immunization forms, school forms and doctor notes
  • Easy access to patients’ charts

At the beginning it is difficult for any practice to transform from paper records to electronic health records, but with the governments incentives programs available it is made easier. In the future EHRs are the requirement of every physician so those who haven’t yet adopted the EHR Software better make a move now.

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