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Is Your Practice Management Software as Good as Your Practice Management?

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The practice management was designed to handle the financial side of the practice. The practice management software that you use cannot “do” practice management. It cannot help you to capture the data in the most effective way and it can’t analyze your report and tell you what to do in order to increase the efficiency of your practice. It definitely cannot teach you how to schedule or how to charge your self paying patients. It is only a billing tool.practice management

Implementation of Practice Management software has nothing to do but set up the system and train you how to use it. The implementation will not fix any issues that are already in your practice and that has nothing to do with the functionality of your billing system.

Things that your Practice Management Software can and can’t do:

Can do:

It can automate your registration process so patients can check in and register online at some place or a kiosk at the practice

Cannot do:

Practice management software can’t greet patients or make them feel welcomed in the practice.

Can do:

You can check the patient’s eligibility for insurance coverage with the help of practice management software.

Can’t do:

Your practice management software can’t select the right insurance company to attach to the patient account. This is one of the leading problems in the practices.

Can do:

Using the practice management software you can calculate the patient’s last visit.

Can’t do:

Practice Management Software does not act as a counselor so it cannot help the patient understand their health plans and their financial responsibility.

Good practice management has many things to do with training, attracting and retaining the right staff. They also provided them with tools to do the job right, the purpose for which they were hired. To get the right software is a must but don’t expect that your software trainer will be able to solve the issues such as communication, staffing or cultural problems. That is up to the practice manager.


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