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Pricing vs. Cost of an EHR/EMR system

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The cost or pricing of a particular EHR Software can be a difficult thing to manage depending upon how individual EHR software vendor markets its product. Charges for EHR system usually are made on per medical provider basis, on per user basis and are considered as a percentage of billing and usually ranges from 6% to 8% of receipts, or can be some other method that is defined by the EHR vendor.ehr pricing

Some of the vendors charge flat fees for the license and an annual fee for the software support. Some might offer a low license fee for basic modules and charge monthly fee for those modules or parts of the system that are required to meet the CMS Meaningful Use Certification. Vendor usually charge training fee for training and technical support before the Go-Live date. The type of hosting is also important with pricing whether the system is local server or web based version of EHR Software (known as SaaS or “Software as Service”). Some of the systems in the market are nearly free but they either require the system to spread advertising to user or the practice must use the billing services of the EHR vendor. Thus in general the more expensive the system the more customizability and functionality it offers.

The pricing for different EHRs that are under considerations are complex and difficult to understand and are analyzed with fee, training, support, upgrades and other aspects that are important to get the functionality that you need. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model is the best way to determine the cost of an EHR system and calculate the cost of using the system for five years. Some of the products have high initial costs but low maintenance costs. While some products will have a low upfront costs but they eventually become expensive when all the low monthly costs are added up. Whenever any practice is considering buying any EHR system it needs to make sure that vendors provides complete and comprehensive detail of the costs that are associated with the system. The final contract that needs to be signed should be reviewed by a qualified health information contract (HIT) attorney instead of a usual attorney.

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