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The Features of the Gastroenterology EHR

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The adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) by practices grows by the day, as do the range of services and features offered by vendors producing these systems. Specialization-focused EHR ranging from oncology to cardiology and from primary care to speech therapy are easily accessible. The article focuses on one such specialty, the fast-growing gastroenterology EHR.


The latest Gastroenterology EHR is integrated with a flurry of features and software including practice management for daily clinical operations, the patient portal for increased interaction with patients, document imaging, e-prescriptions and lab interfacing. Comprehensive and complete exam templates exclusively designed for utilization in gastroenterology including electronic charts, physical examinations and the review of systems will surely add value to your practice.

Abdominal pain, diarrhea, hernia, you name it; the system will help streamline the process, saving valuable time for both practice and patient. Here are some of the features of this system that will make it a must-have for your practice.

  1. Physical Exam: Predefined templates for examination on any part of the body  with built-in medical drawings to aide your diagnosis will help you add comments, import images and assess clinical information in the blink of an eye.
  1. Endoscopy Image Management: Both document and image management are linked via this feature and are used by gastroenterologists to upload x-rays, scanned documents, and images pertaining to the endoscopic diagnosis. With all this information accessible via single files for patients, respectively, the process is made quicker with a lower chance of error.
  1. Device Interoperability: This feature will allow the doctor to transfer information to and from the system via different clinical devices. Moreover, the electronic interchange of information to and from labs makes the process much more efficient.
  1. Lowering risks: Auto reporting/reminders for adverse drug related activities allow you to avoid risks resulting from allergies and patient medication.
  1. E&M Coding Assistance for Gastroenterologists: Payment reception is maximized while missed charges fall to almost zero through this feature via automatic service level calculations the direct entry of charges.
  1. Electronic Superbill: The software allows you to send electronic Superbills directly to the payers, thereby reducing the time for recievables and increasing reimbursements.

Data Mining Reports, enhanced interaction with patients and the ability to fax, email and transmit prescriptions electronically are other golden features of these systems.


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