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What matters more when buying an EHR?

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Buying an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for your medical practice can never be an easy decision. There are hundreds of vendors out there and with their sugarcoated marketing campaigns, you can be swayed away in the wrong direction easily. You would hear sales persons telling you all the time what you really need in your EHR, why is their product the best in the industry and so on. The truth is, they are not the ones who are going to use the EHR in the end. The only person that is going to use it is you and you are the only one that should make the buying decision.

But what factors should you keep in mind before buying an EHR? Is it about usability? Is it about price? Is it about integration? Is Cloud safe? Let’s try to answer these for you.

What matters more when buying an EHR


First, you must understand that the switch to an EHR from paper is never easy. It will literally mean a complete transformation of your current workflows and training your staff for the same as well. However, if you are just changing your EHR partner, you may not have to make such a big effort. The most important thing to keep in mind about an EHR is it should simplify your workflows and not complicate them further. If it takes 10 clicks to write a note in your new EHR, you may as well look for alternatives.


Price can also be a consideration but keep in mind that the most expensive solution is not always the best solution. Try to look for an EHR that not only fits your budget, but is also forward compliant and will not needed to be replaced after a few years.


Another important actor to keep in mind when buying a new EHR is that it should be an all-in-one solution and not just EHR or Practice Management. The industry is moving towards closer, integrated solutions and archaic systems just don’t make sense anymore.


What would you do if the server that hosted your patient data crashes? In today’s time and age, you cannot afford to lose patient data like that and this is why Cloud is gaining so much popularity amongst practicing physicians. It keeps their data safe, secure and backed up to the minute.

These are some of the most important considerations before buying an Electronic Health Records system. Remember, you are the one who’s going to use it. Make sure you make that decision and not anyone else.


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