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Outsourcing medical billing to comply with HIPAA

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The changes providers must go through to ensure that their practices are in compliance with HIPAA are extremely challenging. How do outsourcing medical billing and collections help satisfy these HIPAA requirements is a simple process; but one many fail to understand.

Here’s an overview of how outsourcing billing can help your practice overcome these hurdles and become HIPAA compliant.

With the distraction of insurance claims and billing, common problems numerous practices encounter are those of dissatisfied physicians, employees and patients. With outsourcing, your practice is free from those distractions and all its employees can focus on ensuring enhanced patient care and managing other aspects of your practice.

The revenue cycle management company to whom you have designated this service possess both the tools and the knowledge to ensure that your billing and collection is done in a HIPAA compliant method.

A suggestion to you would be to select an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software vendor that offers the billing service. This way, many compatibility and functionality issues can be avoided.

Privacy is another concern many practices have when outsourcing the billing service. For that, you need to carry out a bit of research about the billers to see if their system has a central dashboard for maintaining privacy history and patient authorization management; these ensure that privacy-related patient information is organized properly and there are less chances of data mismanagement.

Moreover, the software should have a user tracking log to identify who accesses what data. Additionally, patient privacy summaries for all patients will indicate the up-to-date privacy statuses of all patients.

Furthermore, outsourcing companies help with compliance forms and reports which in turn help practices track compliance activity.

Other HIPAA-related benefits of outsourcing billing include the organization of all migrated data to HIPAA-compliant transaction formats. This helps ensure speedy and clean transmission and processing of claims. Payer, clearinghouse and billing guidelines are followed by these companies to make sure that changes to code sets, rules, and other payer requirements are satisfied.

These are just a few of the ways in which outsourcing medical billing will help your practice comply with HIPAA. To find out more, do give this whitepaper a quick read.


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