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Outsourcing Medical Billing Services – A smart move for small practices


Changes in the healthcare industry have put a lot of financial pressure on small practices that has made management of clinical and medical billing department a daunting task.

In order to reduce costs and manage day-to-day workflow efficiently, small practices should outsource their Medical Billing to professional companies. Following are some benefits that small practice physicians can reap from outsourcing their billing services:

More time and focus on patients

Unlike large practices and hospitals, a small practice has limited human and financial resources to carry out different functions of the practice. This burdens the staff and they are not left with enough time to attend to the patients.

medical billing

By outsourcing billing services, physicians manage to reduce half the workload of their staff. They don’t have to sort out bills, create charge and submit claims on time. This gives them enough time to focus on providing quality care to patients.

Save your practice money

Outsourcing billing costs significantly less than paying salaries of a designated in-house biller and accountant. You can also save the cost of space, which can be rented out to another physician. There will be no hassle of maintaining a desktop computer and updating medical billing software.

Reduced errors result in increased revenue

Medical billing companies have professional, certified billers who are experts in their work. They know which code is correct and how to create accurate claims that have minimum to no chances of being rejected or denied.

These professional billers are familiar with intricacies of billing process and know requirements of different specialties. A professional billing company will have separate billers for different parts of the process, so that they create accurate claims and maximize payments for the practice. This will result in timely insurance payments that ensure steady growth in the revenue of the practice.


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