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Optimizing Revenues With a Pediatric EHR


When I’m told of a generic Electronic Health Record (EHR) deployed at a pediatrician’s practice, the image of a small child wearing a free-size shirt comes to my mind. In simpler terms, it is too big for the child.

Similar to the oversize shirt on a six-year-old analogy, a generic EHR has been built keeping in mind the specifics for adult care. With a Pediatric EHR Software, however, vendors have incorporated the requirements of pediatricians into this specialty-specific software.

In addition to children-specific ranges, different categories such as more precise dosage scales (as children have less intake capacity than adults), growth charts and pediatric templates are also available.

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Stop viewing your EHR as a government-enforced requirement and start focusing on how your practice can benefit from it. Here’s how you can do so:

Customize your templates

There are numerous customizable templates including those for abdominal pain, weight loss and adolescent psychiatry to choose from. Customize your favorites list to save time during patient encounters.

Next, tweak your templates to best suit the needs of your comfort and practice. Vendors offer free customization of a particular number of templates during the initial implementation process, so I’d advise you to do so right at the start.

However, if you haven’t done so or if you realize the need for changes later on, the vendors will charge a modest price. Don’t think of it as an added cost, but instead as an investment. This is because you’ll save a lot of time and effort if you accumulate patient visits over time, and that will be a huge cost saving in itself.

Tracking your patient

A pediatrician’s relationship with a patient is a long and delicate one; one that needs to be handled with the utmost care and responsibility. The effective documentation of clinical encounters, sick and wellness visits for example, will be pivotal in the estimation and analyses of different growth trends and illnesses.

You must also integrate customizable screening questionnaires with your progress notes for tracking behavioral issues such as anxiety and autism to identify if the patient suffers from such conditions. The results can be electronically shared with relevant industry specialists such as psychiatrists to cure the issues early on.

In addition to the time-saving by which you can see more patients and earn more money, you’ll attract a lot of new patients. How? As you’re ensuring better care, satisfied parents will refer your practice to other parents. Moreover, industry specialists to whom you’ve referred patients for further treatment will refer your name to those seeking pediatric care.

Additionally, this Top Ranked EMR Software automatically creates growth charts via clinical calculators using data such as patient BMI, length, etc. This way, you won’t have to spend additional time and schedule more visits diagnosing issues that the system has calculated for you, and you can move to the treatment straightaway.

The family profile feature can help enhance efficiency. If the records of a child’s siblings are present in your database, the data doesn’t need to be re-written and can simply be attached. In addition to identifying genetic trends, you must use this tool for group scheduling patients belonging to the same family to save time. Numerous new clients will also come your way as parents usually take all of their children to the same pediatricians.

Testimonials CureMD from CureMD

Patient Portal

Use pamphlets, kiosk computers at the reception, other such mediums to get your patients (or parents in the case of younger patients) to use your patient portal. The younger generation in particular is very tech savvy; make the most of this.

Once they realize that they can receive education and wellness material online, view their lab results and clinical encounter data, and order refills online, they will rush to this medium.

Moreover, when they can communicate online, you will be able to solve most of the simpler problems without scheduling visits.  The time saving will be immense, and you will be able to schedule other patients during these slots.

You can always assign your nurse or some other staff member to handle the portal, and to direct the more important issues your way.

These are some of the most efficient methods you can use to optimize revenues at your pediatrics practice using an EHR built specifically for a pediatrician. The key here is to optimize the usage of your EHR, which will automatically optimize revenues for your practice.


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