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Improve Medical Billing Process to increase patient satisfaction

A carefully designed and efficient medical billing process not only affects practice revenues, but also patient satisfaction. Medical practitioners should ensure an effective payment procedure, so that patients are provided with satisfactory customer service.

medical billing

Ensure high percentage of claim acceptance

If your medical billing department submits clean and accurate claims, then there is high likelihood that you will be paid within 30 days. There are certain exceptions like HMOs, but majority of the accurate claims are accepted and paid on time.

Similarly, if you closely analyze the paying habits of the payer, then you can alter your front-desk’s payment collections procedure accordingly. This is particularly important for creating error-free claims.

There are several reasons claim are denials due to an inaccurate claim. Most notable have been incorrect patient’s demographic and/or insurance details. While making appointments on the phone, make sure to take complete insurance information, so that you can verify it and have a medical billing plan ready for the patient when he/she arrives at the practice.

Sometimes, the front-desk staff – unaware of the patient’s insurance plan – charges lesser co-pay than determined in the insurance contract. When he will be sent a billing statement including remaining amount of co-pay, he is not going to like it.

The front-desk staff should make it a habit of verifying demographic and insurance details of every patient – including recurring ones. There have been several cases in which patients have been billed on their old home or office address that result in late payments and unnecessary hassle for patients and practices.

The billing system of a practice, big or small, is complex and requires lot of effort. However, these simple and effective changes, if implemented, can make the medical billing system efficient and increase customer service satisfaction.